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The repertoire of  TABULA MUSICA ORCHESTRA includes various musical genres. Influences of western classical music as well as contemporary electronic and pop music are included throughout our programs.

The pieces are arranged especially for the orchestra and the classical and accessible instruments played in it, which significantly influences the unique sound of the orchestra.

The TABULA MUSICA ORCHESTRA is composed of musicians with and without disabilities. It was founded in 2017 and has performed at BeJazz, Heitere Fahne, Zentrum Paul Klee Bern and Open Air with soloists such as Gaelynn Lea, Lo&Leduc and the band Jeans for Jesus.

The orchestra is currently complete. Free orchestra positions will be posted here.

Das Orchester beim Auftritt. Alle freuen sich.

The TABULA MUISCA ORCHESTRA is the first and only orchestra that, in addition to various traditional instruments such as clarinet, guitar, violin, piano or bass, also uses 

Accessible Music Technology

Das Orchester

Tabula Musica Orchester

Tabula Musica Orchester

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