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Center for excellence in Accessible music making


Winner of the Prix Printemps 2020 and the Swiss Diversity Award 2018

Tabula Musica is committed to making music and culture accessible to all. We specialize in removing barriers, so that the music can become our main focus.
Tabula Musica uses music technology tools that make music making possible for everyone.

With the unique music education project TABULA MOBILÉ we travel throughout Switzerland and create access to music making for children, young people and adults with disabilities.


Founded in 2017, the TABULA MUSICA ORCHESTRA is trained to play and perform in a professional environment. For example, with the Symphony Orchestra Biel Solothurn TOBS, Lo&Leduc or the band Jeans for Jesus.



Kaspar Zehnder, der Dirigent des Sinfonieorchesters Biel-Solothurn.

Kaspar Zehnder

Conductor · Flautist 

Art Director

"With Tabula Musica it happens naturally: as someone from outside of the organization I can quickly become a part of the group, and experience in a wonderful way how inclusion of musicians with disabilities in a professional symphony orchestra is mutually beneficial. We have learned a lot. The Biel Solothurn Symphony Orchestra and I are proud to have been the first musical collaborators with Tabula Musica."



Tabula Musica has profound expertise with many years of experience in accessible music education as well as in the field of adaptable instruments, to make music accessible for all.


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