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Every little bit of support makes a difference

The association Enjalumja is committed to the inclusion of people with various disabilities. We are committed to a society in which diversity is not only seen as normal, but as enrichment. With Tabula Musica, we aim to create access to music and culture for all.
We look forward to any financial support.



50 CHF

you will receive one Tabula Musica bag



150 CHF

 you get one Tabula Musica bag, and our vinyl record «Electro Symphony»



250 CHF

 you get one Tabula Musica Bag, our vinyl record«Electro Symphony» and two free concert tickets

Become a member

Thank you for your support!

We also grateful for donations outside of the support options listed above:

IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 6172 4713 6
Address: Enjalumja, 3000 Bern

TWINT-QR-Code für individuelle Spende.
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