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For children, young people and adults with disabilities, access to music is often difficult – yet there have long been innovative ways to change this. In addition to adaptations of traditional instruments or notation systems, so-called accessible music technology (AMT) is an important tool that we use.

These instruments have been developed by and for people with disabilities and make music making possible for all.

Tabula Musica has profound expertise and many years of experience in accessible music education as well as in the field of adaptable instruments to make music making and education accessible for all.





TABULA MOBILÉ - an interactive musical experience

TABULA MOBILÉ is an inclusive music education program. It is designed for children, young people and adults with and without disabilities, special and regular schools, school homes, residential homes or cultural events of all kinds.

With TABULA MOBILÉ we bring an interactive music experience with different barrier-free instruments to you. Dancing to make the room sound or making music with the blink of an eye? Everything is possible!  


No prior experience is required. All we need is electricity and at least 50 square meters of space. And of course: the joy of music!

Do you have questions, requests or would you like to see what your personalized options are? Write to us at with the subject TABULA MOBILÉ. We are looking forward to your request!

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As a competence center for accessible music, we love sharing our knowledge. We have profound expertise, as well as many years of experience with accessible music technology (AMT) and extensive training in this field. In addition, we are networked worldwide with experts in development and research on the topic of inclusion, AMT and education.


With our workshops we offer a technical introduction to the world of accessible music technology and support in its versatile practical integration.

Our educational offerings are made for musicians, music teachers, music educators, caregivers or assistants, and music therapists.

The following workshops are currently offered:

Accessible Music Technology, Inclusive Didactics, and Diversity in the Orchestra.


Are you interested in a workshop and would like more information? Write us at with the subject WORKSHOP. We are looking forward to your request!


The underrepresentation of musicians with disabilities has many reasons. First and foremost, it is due to structural barriers that already exclude children with disabilities from professional music lessons.  


Tabula Musica aims to initiate a public discourse about the (in)accessibility of Swiss educational institutions and to create the opportunity for an exchange with experts within the field of disability, both through people with and without disabilities from Switzerland and abroad. In this way we make an important contribution to the implementation of the UNO-Behindertenrechtskonvention.


Music of the future

The symposium "Music of the Future" focuses on the question of how local educational institutions must change to ensure access for all people. This also applies to those who have so far been continually excluded due to obstructive societal structures. Together with experts and artists with and without disabilities, answers and concrete possibilities for action will be sought.


Networking events

Musicians with disabilities are still rarely seen on professional stages. With networking events Tabula Musica contributes to the exchange between existing inclusive music ensembles. In addition to making music together, ways to further promote artistic and cultural diversity in a professional environment will be discussed.

Program Zukunftsmusik 2019

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